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Important Information for the Shop Insurance Buyer


Our quotes are based on the information you complete or agree to when answering the questions for a quote – these form the basis of the contract between you and the insurer if you subsequently proceed and buy cover  -  Before any question is answered, read the assumptions, declarations and statements carefully and after you get your quote you should re-read the answers you have given again to be sure you have provided all the correct information.

Under Insurance Clause- Property Insurance


To avoid being penalised by your insurers please consider carefully the sums insured that you request. With regard to contents cover, the insured values should be the full new replacement values. In the case of building(s) this should be the full re-instatement value including removal of debris, architect & planning fees.

If you underinsure your insurers will apply a clause on your policy known as the ‘average clause ‘ and this essentially means that they will only pay a claim in proportion to the amount that you have insured  yourself for


Say for example you insure your stock for €50,000 and you have a claim that causes damage to €25,000 of the stock – On reviewing it appears that you should have insured for €100,000 worth of stock covers . The insurers will then only allow YOU  50% of your claim as you were only insured for 50% of what you should have been insured for – applying the ‘average or underinsurance clause’

So to avoid the above scenario you should always ensure that you enter the full  replacement values   for all items  before cover is purchased.

Burglar and or Fire Alarm Systems

Burglar and or Fire Alarm Systems

When taking out cover you if  declare  that you have an approved and maintained burglar alarm or fire detection system system then you must adhere to the declaration for the duration of your cover. In certain instances Fire and Intruder alarms are obligatory but even in cases where they are not and you have told us you have them then your insurers will warrant on your policy that

the installed alarm must be fully operational within the insured premises and that it must be put in operation when the premises are closed. Furthermore all stock / contents must be kept in an alarm-protected area of the Insured premises.

Claims/Previous Insurance History

Claims/ Previous Insurance History

Please note that the insurance industry maintains certain registers for the purposes of fraud prevention. Furthermore insurers share Personal Data provided to it with fraud prevention agencies and other insurance companies for the purposes of fraud prevention and to validate the claims history of a person seeking to take out insurance. So please disclose your claims / losses full history to avoid non payment of your claim(s) at a later date.