grocery shop insurance

grocery shop insurance

We are here to help, we can tailor a policy to suit you needs.Our Grocery shop insurance policy gives you peace of mind knowing that your property is covered against un-foreseen events.

Owning and running a grocery shop  be filled with challenges. Regardless of the precautions taken your premises can still be a risk filled setting, for customers and employees a like.

The probability of a customer or staff member getting hurt at some point, means that you should acquire some form of shop insurance. The legal fees and compensation claim amounts associated with liability claims means that failing to do so puts your business at significant financial risk.

Shop insurance is essentially a mixture of several types of insurance:

Employer’s liability insurance – to cover any damages, legal costs and expenses, should an employee get injured.

Public liability insurance – to cover any damages, legal costs and expenses in the event of a customer getting injured or their property getting stolen/damaged.

Product liability insurance – this covers you for claims made against you by members of the Public who are injured or whose property is damaged as a result of the product you have sold/supplied them.

Loss of income insurance – to cover any loss of income that occurs whilst waiting for an insurance payout.

Business contents insurance – to cover against the theft/damage of your business’ contents.

Other Shop Insurance Covers you may need

  • Cover against the damage or theft of the goods being delivered to your client’s premises.
  • To cover your public liability exposure whilst working away from your premises include the work away extension to your quote / policy.

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